EnSure Collaborative comprises Europe’s leading security and safety clusters, bringing together the continent’s finest skills and competences across science, academia, business and the public sector.


It is a network of clusters, interconnecting ecosystems, people and infrastructures in the field of security and safety, forming a European collaboration space.

Its members engage in a variety of cross-border initiatives, fostering research and innovation to cement and enrich the competitiveness of the European market.


Joint international R&D and innovation projects within the framework of Horizon Europe are just one outcome of this initiative, contributing to the common European effort in achieving expertise and technological progress within the digital agenda of the EU Commission.


EnSure Collaborative covers a variety of sectors and topics. While security and safety are fundamental for any digital service and system, the group’s work also addresses:

  • Aerospace systems (drones, air systems, and satellite applications for security missions)
  • Information and cyber security
  • Disaster resilience and innovations for law enforcement and border security
  • Critical infrastructures security
  • Dual-use defense technologies for the civil sector

EnSure Collaborative provides access to key players in their respective domains. It offers a space for exchange and collaboration, supporting and encouraging links between its members and beyond. EnSure contributes to the creation of a secure and safe digital ecosystem in Europe.


The participating clusters have been engaged in creating and developing EnSure Collaborative since 2015, its founding members are:



Currently they represent over 1500 businesses, universities, research institutes and public agencies across five countries. EnSure Collaborative is an open network and welcomes dedicated new clusters.


On behalf of Tampere region safety and security cluster, the preparation of the EnSure Collaborative has been carried out by Mrs. Anniina Autero, city of Tampere, Mr. Petri Murtomäki, Tampere University of Applied Sciences, Mr. Risto Honkonen, Tampere University and Mr. Petri Nykänen, Business Tampere. You may contact any one of them if you have questions concerning the Ensure Collaborative.

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